Provision Communications: High definition television 
over WiFi networks
AXAR: video around the home

CSI 2010

ProMultiVu: video for events
About ProVision

ProVision is a world leader and a centre of excellence for the design, development and licensing of high performance consumer HDTV wireless multi-room technologies.
Our worldwide customers are major consumer electronics manufacturers and multinational OEMs. We provide reference designs, including software and hardware implementations for complete, end-to-end systems. This enables the rapid implementation of our technology into consumer electronic devices.

Applications include streaming recorded and live video around the home or delivering multi-cast video to outdoor events. Signals can be received on televisions, laptop computers, PDAs or smart phones.

ProVision’s technology is standards-based, robust and proven. It is derived from in-depth expertise in the use of wireless networks and video systems. This expertise spans radio propagation and antenna design, wireless networking, video coding and, crucially, making the underlying standards work efficiently together. More...

Complete reference design NMI award winner
NMI award presentation
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